Topic Title: Companion- how many hamburgers
Created on May 10, 2009 at 11:37 PM


I am considering purchasing a Companion, and I was wondering how many hamburgers or steaks it will hold.


Just like a bigger grill, it'll depend on the size of the Steaks and buggers.
It'll probably handle 6-8 burgers.


jblake, thanks for the reply. Judging by the specs, I was figuring about 8 burgers, and at least 4 steaks. It is listed as having 212 sq inches of cooking space. So I figured a 5" round burger would take about 25 sq inches of space, which is about 8 burgers. And a 8"x4" steak will take about 32 sq inches of space, which is about 6 steaks. I guess if I wanted more, I could get smaller and thicker.

Roger T

Be sure to include plenty of open space around the edges so the heat can circulate to the top portion of the grill.