Topic Title: I love my Holland Grill
Created on May 11, 2009 at 12:32 AM


Perfect food every time is Priceless

Jeff G


I saw some of your other posts about your disappointment with the Holland. I am not surprised that someone could have a Holland Lemon, there could be a problem with anyone's products regardless of their quality control. I hope that someone was able to help you through your temperature issue. I personally Love my Apex, after 6+ years of cooking with charcoal, It took some getting used to but, I can honestly say that I don't think I will ever go back.


Even though the person who started this topic and posted above is not me but someone twisted enough to have fun at my expense. I do in fact love my Holland Grill. I cook out at least five times a week since I am retired and on disability. I have a Primo Oval along with the Holland and the "cheapy Weber" and am pleased with all of them. Each grill meets a different need. I sometimes use all three at the same time.

I am dealing with a problem that Brad Holland figured out for me and I am disappointed that Holland has backed off the warranty that I had when I purchased my grill.

You will not find any negative comments about Holland grills posted by the real Larry Ready. My grill never got over 325 because of a modification made by the dealer that Brad figured out for me. I know that the rest of you have not had this problem.

I hope that Jimmy C and Ready Freddie will read this post.