Topic Title: Propane consumption
Created on May 22, 2009 at 07:30 PM

Bill S

Just bought an Epic model. Not even out of box yet. I was wondering if you cook more slowly with the Holland grill will the propane consumption go up much more than a regular grill?

Jeff G


A 20 Pound tank has approximately 431,820 BTU's of propane. Since the Epic consumes 19,500 BTU's. Take the Tank BTU's/ Grill BTU's or 22.14 hours of operation per tank. I have an Apex which consumes 13,000 BTU's and my tanks last quite a while. The calculated hours for an Apex is 33.21, but I have never timed it.


I seem to be getting about 24-26 hours out of my 20lb tanks on my 07 Epic. I use a tiny bit more gas than with my old gas grill but Who Cares? Right? Having a Holland is worth it!


I get about half the cooking time on the Holland as I did my old gas grill on a cylinder. What you need to factor in is the quality of the food and no wasted food.


seems expensive if your going to cook something for a long a turkey or a roast


What I found is that I use more LP with my Holland because now I'm grilling things like turkeys, hams, prime rib, etc. Therefore the grills runs longer BUT my old flamethrower was just used as a hotdog and burger burner so it did last longer per tank, but I wasn't cooking the types of food I do now. Figure 20 hours per tank, $20 to fill up a tank, 3 hours to grill a turkey, $3....not to bad for the best turkey you'll ever eat.

Jeff G

I agree with Cameron, it is not being used for "Direct Grilling". If you were to take a 3 Zone gas grill, use the left and right burners with the Turkey in the middle, you will more than likely use as much or more propane than a Holland. No one really thinks about it in that way because most people don't cook large items on their gas grills.


I converted mine over to Natural Gas and have never had to worry about tanks again. I can't tell any difference in cooking.


If you want to grill more economically, get a searmate for your hamburgers and thin cuts of meats. I haven't done any calculations, but it sure cuts grilling time down for quicky meals. I'm on my second Holland, but thought I had to have a wood pellet grill, too. If you want to spend money on fuel, get a pellet grill, but be sure to have a relative in the wood pellet business so you can afford to smoke meat for four to six hours.

mike e

a friend of mine gave me a bottle of the seasoning is great stuff...don't own a holland...but the secret to grilling anything is sloooow...when it's done it's done...a few manhattan's help to pass the time...consumption of what you just cooked should be the only issue...the griller gets first dibs.


I use more because i do more than i wold ever think of doing with any other grill.