Topic Title: parts for SG-2
Created on May 25, 2009 at 02:39 PM


I have an old SG-2. Great item !! Looking for the gas /on /off valve ??? Bottom looks a rusted ( not awful but could be replaced ) Does it make sense to replace the whole bottom ? If it does , Does the SG-5 Heritage EZ bottom kit fit pretty good ??

Chad F

The SG5 Heritage EZ kit is the only way to go on your old Classic. Call Holland with your grill numbers. They can tell you how to order it.


I have had my grill for a while. It seems to only heat up on the back left side. Any thoughts on what needs to be replaced?

Foster G

You need to be calling Holland with the specific info on your grill. Model number, serial number & age. There are several reasons why a Holland will heat unevenly, most have to do with the grill not being level or rusted internal parts.