Topic Title: bbq ribs
Created on June 5, 2009 at 02:18 AM


When trying to do ribs I've had trouble keeping the temp low enough on my Holland to be able to slow cook ribs even with water in the pan and the lid cracked open. I've had better luck putting a dry rub the ribs for a few hours or overnight, then wrapping the ribs (cut into sections) in aluminum foil, pour in a half can of beer and seal the foil and grill for about 2 hours. Then I can finish them on the grill and add some sauce over another 30 minutes. To me this makes it simple/no-hassle for the first 2 hours and I get nice and tender ribs. I saw some people grill the ribs first and the wrap them in foil to finsh. Anybody have a reason to grill or wrap in foil first or last?

Jeff G

The only time I put them in foil last is if i am using smoke. The smoke flavor seems to take better to raw meat than cooked. Then I put them in foil with some sort of liquid so they can braise for tenderness.