Topic Title: water pan
Created on June 5, 2009 at 09:22 AM


I have used my grill a few times and now I want to add water to the drip pan, How clean does the pan need to be?

Jeff G

You should really scrape the crunchy stuff off the drip pan after every use. I do because it guarantees that the grill will always heat evenly and your drippings will always sizzle and smoke on the pan. If you have some buildup on the pan it won't hurt to add the water, it may actually help to loosen any crust you have on there now.


Gary, I agree with Jeff G. Actually I've found that slow cooking with water actually is one of the best ways to clean the drip pan. It loostens all of the crud. Just make plans to clean ther grill after slow cooking and you'll be impressed how easy it is.