Topic Title: Grill Cover
Created on January 9, 2008 at 07:53 PM

Terry G.

I purchased a Heritage grill and also bought a cover. Whenever it gets windy it blows the cover off. Hope no one else has this problem


Tie a bungie cord around the bottom


Has anyone had problems with the outside of the cover shattering in cold weather? The only thing that keeps it together is the soft inner lining it is glued to.

The company will sell me a new one, but I don't want the same problem.

larry W

covers are not very good. bought two of them over the years both had the straps rip off from the cover. $80 from the dealer.
hope holland does something about this.


Terry G.,
The grill covers have velcro attachments at the bottom & they work for me in Ks.(WINDY)

Larry W.,
Are you sure you have Holland covers? They cost about $45 ea & Holland covers don't have straps.

If you Amorall the covers when they are new & again a couple of times a year, they won't get brittle in the cold.


Hey Terry, I had the same problem with my Holland grill cover even with the velcro strips. I even lost one completely in a wind storm and I live in OHIO. I now put one of those black paper clips where you bend the silver levers back and the black part opens up. I have not had a problem for over 2 years. I sure wish Holland would just add a few buttons around the velcro for security.


I forgot to state that I put one of those clips on both sides of the cover.


I have a cover but doesn't actually cover my entire grill which is The Epic. The Holland Grill covers come short of about a good foot and a half. If I don't bring the velcro together on the sides, I take the chance the wind will take it away. I have to prop my grill up against my deck benches to keep this from getting loose.

Brian A

I was concerned about the Holland cover flying off, so I picked up a Char-Broil Smoker Cover at Home Depot. It was $30.00 and has heavy duty vinyl with felt interior lining. It fits over the grill quite nicely and drops almost to the floor. I took Rob's advice and bought a bungie cord, but I plan to test it without any tie downs first. Let's see if this cover stays on with the winds and storms that pop up in the Chicagoland area.


I live in KS also and have had no luck keeping my Holland cover on. It blows off all the time and the outside is starting to peel off. I use bungie cords now but for the price, a person shouldn't have to. The velcro stripes never did hold and now one of them won't even stick together.