Topic Title: Apex grill
Created on June 9, 2009 at 05:54 PM


I bought an Apex about 1 month ago. I have cooked on it several times. I really like the way my food doesn't burn. Best grill I've owned.


Just curious, what made you buy the Apex over the Epic ? I hope to get one before Father's Day and can't decide if the extra $$$ for the Apex is right for me.

Jeff G

I bought an APEX for multiple reasons.

-The Warranty is Longer
-13000 BTU Apex vs 19500 BTU Epic
-I live in Florida(humid) so I figured the Stainless would probably hold up better.

Many other holland users are happy with the older non-stainless models and have had them for sometimes 10+ years. Its more than likely going to be a matter of personal preference.