Topic Title: To Soak OR Not to Soak???
Created on June 18, 2009 at 06:14 PM


The corn issue has me torn. Should I soak the corn first or just put them on the Holland?

Jeff G

I don't think it really matters on a Holland. Soaking keeps the husks from burning off on a traditional grill. I have cooked it both ways and could not really tell a difference.


You bought the Holland to make things simple. No soaking is necessary


All of the Holland owners are the best & most helpful. Thanks for advice :)


It actually depends on the corn, not the grill. Soak, soak, soak in sugar water with a little salt. It will make the earliest corn of the season taste like the best corn of the season. Leave the silk and the husk on when cooking on the Holland.


Just got our grill and we didn't use the other much at all. How long do you have to cook the corn with the husks left on?

Jeff G

I do mine for 20 minutes flip then another 20 minutes. Some people like to pull the silk first, but I never have. Here is a link to another thread related to corn on the cobb.