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Created on June 20, 2009 at 02:42 AM


We had some company coming over so I wanted to clean up the grill a little bit. I had read on this blog that if you spray Dawn Power Disolver on your grill overnight and then come back to clean it with soap and water the next day it 'gives you a nice looking grill'.

My grill is a Legacy stainless steel model that's three years old and used very, very regularly. The only thing I ever cleaned was the drip pan. I sprayed on the Dawn Power Disolver and waited till the next evening. I pulled out my pressure washer, which was operating at about half the pressure, due to a leak and sprayed it down.

At 10:30 at night, under the lights of my Jeep I said outloud, "YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!"

It cleaned up and looked like the grill the day I took it out of the box - no joke. Phenomenal!! I made my wife come out and check it out. She couldn't believe it either.

Thanks for the tip, Jeff G and Demonstrator.

In total, I used two bottles of the Dawn Power Disolver. I had brushes and a bucket ready and was prepared to use some elbow grease. None required. I guess I'll have to save the energy for flipping burgers!

the demonstrator

Milano,thank my wife as she is the one who turned me on to this fantastic product when we had grills that could not be cleaned with harsh cleaners.This stuff is good to clean everything


did you just clean the outside? or did you also clean the grill and drip pan?


Does this only work with stainless steel models? Will it work on the Heritage?


Josh & all,
Use CAUTION when cleaning black painted or non-stainless grills with the Power Dissolver or any other strong detergents.

I personally know of one person who followed Milano's advice on a black grill & left the Power Dissolver on overnight. When he spray washed it the next day, some of the paint peeled off the lid.

Regarding hosing or power washing the grills. If you get water inside the grill bottom, you will be creating corrosion around the burner & any other non-stainless parts inside the grill, including the bottom shell itself on steel bottom grills. I NEVER allow water to get inside my grill except in the drip pan for steaming.

Just my opinion, based on experience.