Topic Title: Legacy LS..Gas convert to LP
Created on June 21, 2009 at 06:25 PM


What will I need to do and how easy is it to convert the Legacy LS(nat gas model) to LP gas? I have an opportunity to purchase a Legacy LS in great condition for $450. The only catch is that it is plumbed for natural gas and not LP. Is this a good deal on this grill and what should I expect in the conversion? Thanks

Chad F

No problem.
1)You need to order an LP orifice for your gas valve under Parts/warranty >your model number >gas components. Part #SG2-111-57, Cost $1.
2) You will also need the LP hose & regulator, part #SG2-109, cost $20 on the same page.
Instruction for changing the orifice are under "Grill care tips".
Call Holland if you need help.


Thanks Chad!