Topic Title: Side Shelves
Created on June 23, 2009 at 12:09 AM


My side shelves didn't last 2 years. They easily broke in pieces just by using them to pull the grill around the deck. I would exoect them to be better quality for what I paid for this grill.

Are the replacement ones better? I see they are listed as dark color. Mine are light grey.

Should I order new ones or make my own?



The light gray "Nustone" shelves have not been used on grills for at least 5 years.

If you get new shelves, be sure not to over-tighten the shelf bolts. This adds stress to the shelf & won't allow the shelves to expand & contract from cold & heat.


What do you mean ? The current pictures for Heritage show dark shelves, while Epic & Apex are light grey.

I've seen in other topics, people advise to not "over tighten" the shelf screws. That assembly problem may be what is causing your cracking.

I'd call Holland's customer service and see what they can tell you about the difference in your current shelf and the replacement product.


The Heritage shelves are SOLID BLACK & always have been.
The Epic & Apex shelves are a DARK GRAY granite stone pattern, hence the name "Nustone".
Some of the older first generation Legacy & Tradtion model did have LIGHT GRAY Nustone shelves, but they have been obsolete for a few years.
Photographs can be deceiving, depending on the lighting.


Thanks for the comments.

Are the new shelves better? Anyone had any problems with them breaking if they are not tightened down too tight?

S. Eddy

We have the same disappointment paying over $500 for a Holland Grill only to have the shelves deteriorate in a short period of time. I believe R&D should evaluate the plastic composition used in fabricating the shelves. The replacement shelves are $57.00 plus S&H, for replacements made out of the same materials? A piece of plywood would last longer....very disappointed. This is our third Holland Grill and the first with black shelves. This will be our last Holland Grill, especially if customer service doesn't respond AND address this issue. Its not about ME! No one should recommend something that will disappiont our extended family and close friends who also buy and have similar experiences. "The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of cheap price"! This grill wasn't cheap!


S. Eddy,
The all black side shelf has been standard on many Holland grill models for about 16 years. It has always been the same special USDA approved, food grade, injection molded poly material. The other shelf colors on other model are made from the same material, just different colors & patterns
Out of hundreds of thousands of black shelves, an insignificant percentage have had cracking or warping problems with most due to too tight bolts causing stress cracks.
The picture of your shelf is showing a white-ish mottled stain which is usually indicative of a chemical reaction. Are you using a harsh chemical to clean them? Just curious.

Dan D

My left shelf cracked a couple of years ago. I assumed all the shelves cracked eventually. Mine is still usable, so I haven't paid much attention to it.


Try using a cover. Prolonged sunlight combined with chemicals as someone mentioned & just not taking care of things will cause them to have a shortened life.


I have had my Holland Grill for over 20 years...yes the same one. If the grill is kept covered, the shelves last about 8-10 years. Just ordered third set. Great product!!