Topic Title: Ham on the Holland?
Created on July 9, 2009 at 07:20 PM

Steve Watson

Does anyone have any info on doing a ham on the Holland Grill?


pork shoulder bbq at about 350 with the skin on for about 1hr 45 min remove from bbq and take skin off and dice fat on top, put a good layer of mustard on and then a good layer of brown sugar, and then put whole pineapple rings on with tooth picks, put back on bbq about 1/2 or nicely browned on top


I have cooked quite a few hams on the Holland. I usually fill the drip pan with apple cider and keep it filled after that with water. The last hour I let the water and apple juice boil out and baste with a mixture of water and brown sugar. The ham is moist and juicy. I use the thermometer and cook to the recommended temperature. Hove cooked uncooked and fully cooked this way and they both turn out great, no need to turn during the cooking process. Will need to add water about every 45-60 minutes.


I have done this several years ago. Have you or anyone ever tried injecting the ham with cider/water mix for moisture ? Living in Mn. I have to deal with temp. control. So will be a challenge for Xmas Day. Any suggestions are welcome.