Topic Title: insulation
Created on July 18, 2009 at 06:49 PM

tom in ny

Has anyone tried insulating their Holland? Mine generally gets to 375F but I'd like to see it at 400 to 450 instead. Plus, I lose at least 100 degrees anytime I open the lid to flip something - a lot more if its multiple veggie slices I'm flipping. But if I could insulated the top of the grill, it should come up to temperature faster, operate a little hotter, and regain heat faster after opening the lid. I'm thinking welding blankets might be just the thing, since I want something that doesn't need to be glued and can be cut (I'll need openings for the stacks). Any ideas or opinions?

Jeff G

I'm not sure how many BTU's of heat are lost from the outer shell, it will vary from Stainless to Aluminized Steel. When Holland calculated the orifice size for each grill, the thermal properties of each metal were taken into consideration. If you insulate the grill you will surely reduce the heat loss, but your temperature may shoot way up, just a guess on my part.

Roger T

If your grill will not get to 400+ in 30 minutes in warm weather, it needs attention. Get it serviced or fixed before you start adding stuff like insulation.

Terry ( Illinois )

This was discussed a few years ago especially for winter grilling. Cabela's sells Insulating blankets for their smokers. One Holland user bought two of them and made a cut or two to make it fit.
Please use common sense when using them and don't cover the smokestacks.
Of course, Holland can't recommend or guarantee any modifications.
You can't hurry a Holland!