Topic Title: Smoky meats
Created on July 19, 2009 at 10:05 PM


I have had my Tradition for about 8 years and LOVE IT. Lately however, I have had a problem with the grill becoming overly smoky and putting a black smoky layer on all the food I put in it. I know it is good to have the grill smoke, but mine is smoking too much. Has this happened to anyone and is there a solution for it?

Chad F


Air-shutter adjustment or clean out the burner. Check the "Trouble-shooting" & "Grill care tips" sections. You need a blue flame with small yellow tips as your manual says. You probably have an all yellow flame now. If you get back to a clean flame, no more soot.

To all, if you have a problem, check the trouble-shooting section. You might find a solution.