Topic Title: Cooking Multiple Items
Created on July 22, 2009 at 05:43 PM


I have owned my Holland for over a year and love everything that I have made on it. Would recommend it to any and everyone.

One question I do have- when cooking multiple items (i.e. steaks, burgers, Carolina fries, etc.) how do people keep the temperature from falling drastically? When putting the food on the grill or turning a lot of food over, the top has to be open for a little bit and causes the temperature to decrease. It then takes a little more time to get back up to temp. I have tried to partially crack the top but it's a challenge when trying to get things on the back of the grill.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.



Hi Geoff,

I have thought the same thing, but I don't guess there is much you can do except get it turned or take it off as quickly as possible. Sometime if I have a large amount of food going on (bunch of wings, etc) then I hold the plate of wings and have my wife or someone to open & close the lid for me. It kinda helps instead of just propping it wide open. does drop some, but I haven't really found it to be to much of a problem. Just makes a little more time for another cold one while I'm waiting ! lol


That's why I have two grills. I have a Holland which I use for items that need no attention and a Primo Grill because the temperature recovery time when opening the lid is less than a minute when cooking with ceramic.


Thanks for the tips, I am not too worried as it does allow the time to sip another cold one. Just curious.