Topic Title: brats
Created on July 26, 2009 at 05:14 PM

Fat Kat

Can any one tell me how to cook Brats? Thanks


I cook brats 10 minutes then filp for 10 minutes. I also cook them on the center of the grill. You may find that one or two minutes on each side less cooking time will give you a lighter, less crispy skin. We like our golden brown on the outside.


If you're not using the search box on this site, I'd recommend it. Just put "brats" in the keyword box, and you'll get several great hints like one from NCSteve and one from me that lets you go directly from the freezer to the Holland, with no negative effects whatsoever.


The search function, though helpful at times, is very limited. I'm searching for ribeye now. Nothing to be found. Sometimes a question will yield many more responses, thus making this forum, and the Holland grill name, grow.

Jeff G


The search function only returns "Topics" which contains the text you are searching for. Holland should at some point add an advanced search or at least a checkbox that would search all fields if enabled.