Topic Title: use foil on the epic
Created on August 7, 2009 at 05:18 AM


hello i was email this meassage about using heavy duity aluimn fiol in the holland epic grill to reducethe food from sticking to the grill like tradition charol grills. is it safe to do so. without damaging the butane burners or the grill itsself please lit me know thank you

Jeff G

Using Foil on the grill should not harm anything as long as you don't cover up the outer edges of the cooking grid. You will still need the air flow for the grill to work properly. Using foil eliminates the purpose of the grill though, drippings are supposed to hit the drip pan and help to flavor your food. The only food I have really had stick to the cooking grid is fish, you can spray some PAM or rub some vegetable oil on the grid with a paper towel. In my opinion, if you use foil on the grid, why not just use your oven?