Topic Title: 2008 Apex burning hot
Created on August 9, 2009 at 02:25 PM


Bought my 2008 Apex set up for natural gas. I have had it about a year. It burns at the 550 level. i adjusted the air flow to blue flame with slight yellow tips....

anything else i can do to get it to the 400-425 area?


Do you know for sure what orifice size you have in your gas valve? If you don't or if the dealer who changed it can't tell you, call Holland so they can send you the correct size.
Stainless grills require a slightly smaller orifice than the black grills for exactly the reason you are experiencing.


My natural gas grill did the same thing. I purchased a regulator to reduce my gas flow to the correct pressure.

You probably need to do the same. My temp went d
from 500+ to about 415. I cook year round in Michigan.

@ Steve

The newer Hollands get hotter than the older ones. That's what everybody was asking for.
If you want a "cool-down" orifice, call Holland. Your NG pressure should be 7" water column.