Topic Title: Companion: Turkey Breast
Created on August 12, 2009 at 12:35 AM


I just got the Companion and plan to grill a 6.5 lb. turkey breast tomorrow afternoon for dinner. The owner's book says to grill 10 min. per pound and recipes I've read here say 15-20 min per pound for a turkey. I plan to use internal temp. as a guage, but don't have a thermometer yet.

Any experiences? It is not a whole turkey, but turkey breast. I am thinking about putting a little rub on it of some kind.

Another question, how do you use the digital thermometer without melting the cord? They aren't wireless are they?

Cheers, Rod

Jeff G

Sorry, I missed the other part of your question. Digital Thermometers have a braided metal cord that goes to an external unit that monitors the temperature. There are wireless models, but the probes always have a wire. "Wireless" just means that the thermometer transmits a signal to another unit that you can have in the house. It just makes it nice what you don't have to keep going outside to check on your food.

The Captain

Rod--figure about 2 hours for your turkey breast. I alway like to get them done a little early and wrap them in foil. They'll continue to cook a bit and they stay hot and moist. You don't want to have everything else ready and be waiting on the turkey to finish. The cords of the digital thermometers are stainless steel. There are some remote models out there. Both work fine.


Hi Rod,

I cooked 2 - 6lb Turkey Breast and a 13LB Turkey back last Thanksgiving, but this was on my Epic. From what I recall, it took about 2 hours for the breast. All I did was rub a little olive oil on them and sprinkled a lite coat of Seasoning Salt on them. That's it !!! They turned out nice and browned and was SOOOO JUICY ! I really never cared much for white meat since it is usually kinda dry, but I eat it all the time now when it's cooked on my Holland ! Like the others said above...just use a digital thermometer and shut the lid until it gets to the correct temp. One word of advice..don't let the probe wire get wet when washing it. Just wash off the probe itself. I learned this on my first one I bought. Holland has a nice thermometer and has been working great for me.


Good, sound advice...thanks to all! Rod