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Created on August 25, 2009 at 09:08 PM


I am trying to get info on a holland grill I picked up over the weekend model BH748AG SER 0488A looking at the picks it looks just like the classic 2 appears to be stainless but has been painted by previous owner (slowly getting paint off) it is in GREAT shape aid he has owned it for I think he said over 17 years.. OH and it makes an awsome boston butt

Any info would be appreciated

Thanks Kevin

Stafford P

Here are some clues:

BH.....Brad Holland
748....square inches of cooking surface
AG.....Aluminum grill (not stainless)
Was originally painted black, you are probably removing the original finish.
The only resemblance to a Classic II is it has 4 legs. It is too old to be on the parts/warranty page. You need to call Holland. 800-880-9766


Kevin, take a picture and we can probably figure out which model it is. You can post it right on the blog.


This is a pic of my Holland grill can someone help me identify this model



This is a pic with lid open for referance the shed door opening is 5'6" wide thanks for any input I can get