Topic Title: Tough Grill
Created on August 27, 2009 at 06:43 PM


During our move to our new house I had our tradition grill tied to the back of the truck on a platform connected to the receiver hitch. While on the freeway doing 70 miles an hour I noticed the grill was leaning backwards, it turned out the rope had broke. I immediately started to pull to the side of the road and before I could the grill flew off tumbling at sixty plus miles an hour to the side of the road and down a hill. I thought for sure the grill was a goner. To my amazement it survived with very little damage. This is one tough grill. I purchased the tradition in 2002 and it is in just as good of condition as the day I bought it. You can't get a grill as though as this one.



"If you're looking , you aint cooking"
"Takes a licking and keeps on grilling"
"Sliding down a hill doesn't phase this grill"


Whoever said this grill was a slow is eating his words, we now know a Holland will do 60 mph and grill perfectly.
I can hear the conversation now:
"Is that on of those Hollands that cooks slow?"
"NOPE..She's done 60, betcha I could hit hundrid"