Topic Title: Automatic Flint Starter
Created on August 31, 2009 at 10:13 PM


I am a recent owner of a Holland Apex. My best friend owns a Holland Legacy. There is nothing to compare to this grilling system. All of my recipes have ended in perfection. There is one issue with this grill and all grills I don't understand! The automatic striker which is supposed to ignite the grill no longer works. I am seriously wondering my companies don't elimiate this feature? Your thought?


Jeff G

I agree that there has to be something better, my igniter on my APEX died after less than a year. I have yet to check the gapping, that may be the whole problem, or buildup. I am just using my candle lighter for now.


I use a candle lighter mine is to old to have the auto striker but at well over 20 years old still cooks and looks awsome did boneless chicken thighs and was the juciest chicken I have had in my life 2 week owner and use it almost everynight

@ Dan

Have you tried the igniter trouble-shooting tips on this web-site? Most igniter problems can be traced to a damaged electrode wire or electrode ceramic base.
BTW - There is no "Flint" in the lighter system. It is a piezo electronic igniter.

John Winn

I wonder if you could buy a universal electronic starter like on other grills and somehow adapt it in. They seem to be less problematic than those old fashioned ones. Just need to change the battery every so often. I suspect Holland uses the old style for simplicity but for a grill that cost that might, electronic ignition would be a very nice touch.