Topic Title: Plug for Companion Drip Pan
Created on September 1, 2009 at 04:43 PM


Anyone at Holland have a bright idea for a metal plug for the Companion drip pan?

We love to cook boston butt while staying in our RV. Yet, you really can't slow cook in the Companion without the steam feature the big grill have.

Surely this would be a nice accessory that I would be willing to pay for any time. Thanks!


You are on your own if you do this. Holland discourages this because of the safety factor. They don't want someone to pick up the grill with hot water in it & burn themselves.


Try a brass plumb bob. They are tapered & may fit tightly enough to stop water from going thru the hole. Also try your local hardware, home town type places. Some of those guys who have been around can really think outside the box.
I have a Companion & am trying to come up with this also.

Billy C

Put a cork in it!