Topic Title: No Cookouts in Tampa, Fl
Created on September 2, 2009 at 10:21 PM


My wife and I are interested in possibly purchasing a Holland Grill. But before we do, we would like to attend a cookout and see first hand the Holland Grill in action. In the last year, we have not seen any cookouts scheduled anywhere in Florida. What gives?

Jeff G

Your right, there are no Demo's in Florida. I bought mine in Clearwater, but I just took the plunge based on what I had read and researched. I have done Whole Chickens/Turkeys, Brisket, Pork Shoulder...well just about a bit of everything and I haven't been disappointed yet. I can understand why your hesitant, because it is quite an investment.

John Winn

I feel your pain. None in Texas either...It's hard to spend $$ on something you have only seen in pictures..


Yeah noticed all the cookouts are up north but built in the south GA. but sometimes if you go to your dealer some have a loaner use it before you buy but trust me you will buy it best grilled food you will make and you don't have to worry about flipping every 2 min the one I got is over17 years old and still cooks like new best juciest chicken and boston butts you will taste


Yea I went to a demo @ my local hardware retailer. I remember saying I will never pay 250.00 for a portable grill. Well he let me borrow a demo model to see if I liked it & I was sold. I bought the demo & am going to be getting my Heritage Plus. Don't worry, you will love it!!


I understand your problem. I live in Michigan and I have a Legacy SS and I bought a Companion to take to Florida with us. Would not cook on anything but a Holland. I have talked to and fed more people from my grill than ever before. My kids bring their food to us from out of town and have me cook it for them.


Thank you all for your comments. Believe me, I have read them several times. Perhaps the Reps for Holland Grills can see that there is a need across many parts of this country and Canada as well for more "Cookouts". The best to all of you.