Topic Title: The Reunion
Created on September 4, 2009 at 11:12 AM


Ok after contacting Holland I found out I am the proud owner of a Holland reunion grill I know this is one of the first grills made by the holland company but I have to again compliment Holland for building an awsome grill.. Does anyone still have one of these??? I believe they were built in the mid 80's mine is all original except for the hose which I just replaced as the old one was dry rotted... I asked the original owner if anything was replaced and he said it was all original looks and cooks awsome and with 748 square inches of cooking area I will be doing alot of cooking this weekend.. has anyone cooked a brisket and boston butt at the same time.. I cook to internal temp so I don't think it will be an issue... HAPPY GRILLING

Jeff G

If you are doing Brisket and Butt at the same time, I personally put the brisket on the main grid and the Butt(s) on the half grid above it. Any dripping from the Butt add flavor to the Brisket. You probably don't have a half grid, but with the cooking surface you stated it should fit.