Topic Title: Drain pipe rusted out
Created on September 7, 2009 at 12:19 AM


After 10 years of good usage, the drain pipe rusted out of my drip pan. The drip pan is stainless and has a stainless coupling welded to the pan, but was installed with a carbon steel drain pipe. I can get an EZ Out to extract the broken piece of pipe out, so I'm somewhat stuck for now. Since the grill is obviously out of warrantee, I'm not laying any blame on Holland, but need question answered.

I plan to saw off old pipe coupling from bottom of my drip pan and weld on new one; this time with stainless pipe instead of carbon steel. Question is this; should I use 304 or 316 stainless fitting to weld to pan?

Answer is needed soon; it's grilling season now with temps lowering. One more question; I need more smoke than the smoke box has provided with the pellets. Suggestions?

Jeff G

Why not just replace it with another stock pipe, ten years of service out of another one doesn't sound bad. I would be more concerned about cutting the pan and welding than replacing another pipe in a decade. Just my opinion.


No can do; the pipe broke off just below the coupling leaving what was threaded into the coupling still inside and the threaded portion is frozen. I've tried an EZ out to try and twist it out, but no luck. Sure, if I could get it out, I'd go back in with a piece of carbon steel pipe.


Use a hacksaw. Take the blade off on one end of the hacksaw frame & slip through the drain hole. Reconnect the saw blade to the frame & saw about 3 slits in the inside of the pipe. Tap the pipe sections towards the center with a punch or chisel until they collapse. Clean out the drip pan threads, spray with high temp cooking spray & install a piece of standard black pipe.
In the future, unscrew the drip pan a couple of time per year, spray & reinstall. This will prevent the rusting. I just buy a new pipe at the hardware store when mine gets corroded or plugged. Less than $2.


Thanks, had thought about that but had to grill yesterday and today, so a quick fix was necessary. Put funnel under the drip pan and wired the catch bucket to the bottom of funnel. Once cooking is over, will remove pan and use hack saw to remove the pieces, clean up the threads and install new pipe; a little longer this time.


Jeff G


Here is a link to a pdf file. It has a description of how to make a pouch for your Flav-O-Buds.

Sometimes if I am looking for a high volume of smoke for a short period of time, I put 1/3 cup of Flav-O-Buds in a pouch and put the pouch on the back left corner of the flame deflector(Under the drip pan). That plate gets really hot and produces a high volume of smoke, although it only lasts for about 10-12 minutes max.


I've got a 5 year old BH421 and the drain pipe fell out of the drip pan onto the deck. After cleaning everything up I find that the original assembler appears to have stripped the aluminum threads in the piece soldered to the drip pan. Looks like I was lucky the pipe stayed in 5 years. Threads are fine on steel pipe or I would buy one at the hardware store, (but not the one that originally assembled and delivered the grille)

Any ideas?

@ Ted

Get the rest of your model number BH421XXX, serial number & date of purchase. Call Holland. 800-880-9766


I'll do that.