Topic Title: Where's the Captan?
Created on September 16, 2009 at 10:35 AM

Captan Cook

Captan Cook took his Holland Grill and hit the highways for a 10-day tour of the midwest and north. The Captan likes to see the sites along the way but doesn't like to stop the grill-mobile to take pictures. Holding the camera outside the window while traveling 70mph works just fine. The first leg of his journey took him through this well known midewestern town, once awarded the title "the best mannered town". The name of this city is commonly used as a metaphor meaning if the people of this city like it, mainstream America will like it. It is also the World Headquarters of a very well known heavy equipment manufacturer. Where the heck is The Captan?


Moline, Ill?


Peoria,IL.....Have a safe trip!


Davenport, Iowa?

Captan Cook

You are correct Philly. Peoria, IL., world headquarters for Caterpillar and once voted "best mannered city." In the days of Vaudeville, it was said if an act would work in Peoria, it would work anywhere. The question "will it play in Peoria" has become a metaphor today for mainstream America.

C. Byrd

Hope our grills are playing well in Peoria.

Mike J.

Peoria, Ill. I recognize it. Was there this summer for softball. Home of Caterpillar.