Topic Title: SearMate gas valve stem
Created on September 16, 2009 at 04:25 PM


Can anyone tell me if their gas valve stem on the SearMate looks like the gas valve pictured in the owner's manual? The one pictured in the manual looks the same as the gas valve on my Apex, but the gas valve on my SearMate looks more like an "open u" shape with no slot- therefore I cannot expand the stem with a flat head screwdriver as instructed by the good folks at Holland Grill so that the plastic control knob will stay on the stem. I am wondering if the gas valve on my SearMate is defective. Any help will be appreciated.

Young Buck

The valve on the sear mate will seperate. I just looked at mine! Get a flat head screw driver and insert it in the cut out side of the "U". Turn driver clock wise and it should seperate. If that does not Holland.