Topic Title: I'm heartbroken...
Created on September 17, 2009 at 03:18 PM


My grill got stolen last week. I miss it already and am very heartbroken :(

Although, at the same time I am very ****ed at whomever responsible in the disappearance of my Epic Holland Grill.


Sorry for your loss.
If you registered your grill or if you have the model number & serial number, call Holland ASAP.
They can keep an ear open for anyone ordering parts for your particular grill. 800-880-9766

Martin James

In the winter i put ours on the front porch as it is covered but open for all to see. I think i will lock it to a post this winter. sorry for your loss.


Hate to hear that...I would have to have another one by the weekend..I may chain mine down after this...


It's ashame that there are people out the like that...