Topic Title: gray soot on food
Created on September 18, 2009 at 01:12 AM

Bob Scholl

Had our Holland grill for a dozen or so years -- believe it to be a Heritage model without temperature gauge (has a number of CLS 001 09 / 37 or 97) and have enjoyed how it cooks. Last couple years tho have been troubled with grayish soot on our food so we discontinued use. Having recently seen web articles on cleaning the grill to correct this problem that is what I've tried. Rust and flakes are throughout the burner and deflector, and grease and blakeneded metal throuoghout.

I've entirely disasembled the grill, wire brushed and scraped the rust and flakes, and putty knifed the grease. Just how clean need it be? Is it ok to have some stable rust and less than antiseptically clean? Do I need to clean with a degreaser to remove all blacken metal?

I guess it comes down to just what caused the gray soot on the food? Is it blown around rust and flakes and heated up grease or is it simply residue from incomletely burned fuel? If its the latter then maybe the primary cleaning objective is to get the burner cleared out and operating efficiently again and don't sweat the rust.

Or will the rust forever effect the flavor of our food and I should just scrap the old Holland and buy anew . . . or replace the guts of the grill?

Would sure appreciate any insights from knowledgeable owners or company technicians


Hi Bob. The grayish black you're seeing is soot--un burned fuel. This is caused by a lack of proper air/gas mixture. Just cleaning out the burner, adjusting the air shutter until you have a nice blue flame with yellow fingertips should get you back in business. No need to surgically scrub the thing--shop vac the loose particles, give it a nice cleaning and hopefully you'll be up and running. After 12 years it's time for a little TLC, huh? Good luck.

Bob Scholl


Its good to know that my efforts may not be in vain.

Ps: Are you connected with Holand or just a knowledgeable customer?



Under "Troubleshooting">"Black soot on my food", there are instructions on cleaning out the inside of the burner.