Topic Title: Where's The Captan--Day 8
Created on September 23, 2009 at 12:28 PM

Captan Cook

Well, I finished up the bidness part of my 10-day trek across the country and had some great results promoting the Holland Grill. Now it was time to make a U-turn and head home--but I still had to find a place to stay last night. On the recommendation of a customer and the girl at the counter in the hotel, I headed for this awesome resort. My boss has told me to watch my travel expenses so of course I complied. I called this lodge and had the choice of a room with a bed--that's it, a bed--or I could pay $15 more and get a bed AND a sink. Sorry boss but I had to have a sink. But, that meant I had to share a community shower in the morning. I got up VERY early.
Anywho, this little place was established in 1900 and still has that turn of the century charm. This hot place takes you back to the days of the Wild West where you can mosey down to the Saloon and partake with a celebrity or some local cattle ranchers. This place has several rustic lodges and a few cabins scattered about the foothills and is a favorite winter vacation spot where you can drive your own team of Huskey's on a dogsled if you so desire. The slogan here is "Got Hotwada?" Try to guess the town I'm in AND the name of the place. Where the heck am I?


Chico Hot Springs Resort - Pray Montana


Did you stop in the road and take that picture?



chico hot springs spa PRAY MONTANA