Topic Title: Show us your Holland!!!
Created on October 3, 2009 at 05:21 PM


I was wondering if anyone has pics of their holland either in use or just sitting on their deck or driveway. You can upload pics to picture sharing sights free and easily like photbucket or flickr. I think it would be fun for us Holland lovers to show any modifications or in-action photos.

charlie tebis

Here's mine!!

Pete Ruger

You have to try......


Here's a close-up

Jeff G

Here is my Holland smokin away when I was starting a pork shoulder.


Pick of my 1988 Holland reunion AWSOME 748 square inches of cooking


Pick with lid down 1988 holland reunion


No shed is complete without a Harley and a Holland


come on postem

The Hochstetlers

Here's our pride and joy...we built it ourselves, even rock-facing the sandstone. The Holland grill is one of the best outdoor investments we have made and the food cooked on it is better than any grill we have ever owned.

The Hochstetlers

Still trying to post the picture!

Jeff G

You have to post the picture with the "Upload..." link above where you type, and it has to be done before typing your text. Your pictures can also be no more than 250 pixels wide, if your image is too large it may get tossed away by the server.

The Hochstetlers

Success at last!


Now that looks nice


Wife bought me one for B-day...It's coming this week. I'll be sure to post!!!


I love it

Tarheel Bill

I have added a smoke daddy to my Heritage. This has changed it to a great smoker. I get my temp. down so it will cook as low as possible and slow to let the smoke get in the meat.

J Lewis

Tarheel Bill,
I'm putting together a very similar cold smoker myself and was wondering where I would hook it up to my Epic. Does your installation as pictured do a good job? Thanks for the input.

Jeff G

I am probably going to get a Smoke Daddy as well, but in order to not VOID the Warranty, I am going to get some metal from Lowes and Make a plate that will go in place of the Chip Drawer. This makes its completely removable and doesn't alter the grill.


Hey guys, what's this smokedaddy? I've never heard of it but it sounds interesting. That's the only thing I miss. I love everything else about my Holland. Thanks


Jeff - when you make it would you take a picture of it for me? That is exactly what I would like to do. I was thinking of a way to hook the top of the metal in and let gravity and pressure hold it in place. Let me know what you do.

Jeff G

Here is a link to a Picasa Web Album with a quick prototype I threw together today.

It will give an Idea of what my thought was, my only question right now is about the dimensions of the Smoke Daddy, it may not clear the handle on the lid. If so, some more pipe may have to be added to it.


Made something similar today. I used the black cover from an electrical gangbox. It was just barely wide enough. I used some wing bolts and wide fender washers to widen it - had to grind a side off the washers to fit but it should. Ordered the 8 inch model tonight. We will see how this thing hooks up.


Jeff - what guage metal did you use?

Jeff G

I'm not sure what it was, I got it from Lowes and made a larger chip tray with it. I bought a somewhat thin sheet because I didn't have anything real high tech to bent it with. I'd have get my micrometer on it to check for thickness.


J Lewis
Yes, it does a good job where I located it. I put it in the center of the back side. If you decide to put yours there open the lid to determine where it should set so the lid want hit it when you open it. I get thin blue smoke out of both stacks so I know it is a good location.

Tarheel Bill

J Lewis

Tarheel Bill,
Thanks for the explanation. I like the idea of it in back out of the way because it does get hot. I'm going to fit the thing to both my Epic and my electric smoker so I can hot smoke and cold smoke sausage, bacon, etc.


I purchased a Sear Mate and an Apex and think both are GREAT!I was able to sear, grill and steam but I couldn't smoke, especially if I was steaming as the chips/pellets didn't stay lit due to the lower temperature. To remedy this, I drilled the hole for the knob in the drawer larger, I simply bent some 1/4 copper tubing and attached it to the drawer using plumber's fittings. As you can see once I bent the tubing I then cut a slot in the tubing that is in the drawer and crimped the end. I can then attach a plastic tube to the outside end of the tubing and attach the other end to an aquarium air pump. The air from the pump keeps the chips/pellets smoking for a considerable time with the air blowing out horizontally under the pellets. Refilling is easy. I can always reinstall the drawer knob by using some small washers. Total cost was about $3.00 plus the pump. Now I can smoke foods when I use any of the cooking methods.

Dr Jay

My Holland. Purchased in 1993. Two new bottoms, one net top and added the searmate a year ago. Great Grill, Great Food. Regards

Edward in KY

I think I'm going to try this Smoke Daddy. I love my Holland and what it does to food. Enhancing it with more smoking abillity sounds like a good idea.

Edward in KY

Well, I installed a medium sized Smoke Daddy on my Epic in the same position as shown up above--in the rear center. It sure puts out alot of smoke, but I had the following problems:
It was a little difficult to get the pellets lit. I used a blow torch for 30 seconds like the directions said.
there was so much soot or something after the first cooking that I had to pry the bottom off with a screwdriver. I guess some lubricant may be called for.
Although it produced alot of smoke, it seemed like it all escaped the grill because I couldn't really taste thesmoke on the food (grilled chops using Hollands hickory chips)
I tried Hot smoking with the grill cooking and cold smoking but neither produced much smokey flavor.
I did use the Jack Daniels chips and they seemed to give the food some flavor.
What am I doing wrong? And does anyone have a good tip for keeping the lid and bottom of the smoke daddy from "sticking" and being hard to remove.
Thanks! I'm going to keep at it but any advice from you fellow smoke daddies will be appreciated.


I thought we were posting pics why is this HIJACKED with smoke daddy discussions guess you all can not start your own discussions


geez, what a killjoy...


Awsome pork roast this evening, tri tip last night, best grill I have ever owned,

Joseph Harter

Where can i get a Smoke Daddy for my Heritage Plus? You can e-mail me at


Brand new again and ready to go!!!


Here's mine, purchased August 2010.