Topic Title: repacing bottom
Created on October 6, 2009 at 10:30 PM


I have a BH 421 SG2

Will the BH 421 SG5 bottom replacement fit this grill. They appear to be very similar.


@ Drew

The Heritage SG5-999EZ bottom kit is a great replacement for your old SG2 Classic bottom. Lots of upgrades including an igniter system. This is all that Holland offers now for your grill as far as bottom replacement goes. It does fit.


I have a T037066and need to replace the bottom. Please advise what will fit this grill.

@ Drew

Holland discontinued the bottom kits & bottom shells for the older model grills last year. Your SG2 was discontinued as a model 13 years ago. You need to be thinking about a new Holland grill.

@ Kitty

Your serial number indicates that you might have a first generation "Tradition",model number BH421SG4.

If so, Holland may have a few original equipment bottom shells for that model. You need to call them.
1-800-880-9766. Be sure to have both your model number & serial number when you call.