Topic Title: Foil lining the bottom of the grill????
Created on October 9, 2009 at 02:18 PM

neat freak

Anyone lining the bottom with aluminum for clean-up purposes?


That defeats the purpose of using the Holland.



Jeff G

If you are referring to lining the drip pan with foil...why. The Holland drip tray is so easy to clean its almost frightening. If anything, I may try it with foil just to see how much the temperature drops at the grill grate, my APEX is right at 400 at the center of the grilling surface, I am guessing it will drop by 25-50 degrees.


It shouldn't change the temp. It will reflect the heat a bit back to the drip pan unit but the heat has nowhere else to go but up. The aluminum foil we be the same temp as the drip pan unit and it will radiate heat the same way the drip pan unit does

what's next

Placing the meat in a baking pan to ensure that no drippings touch the cooking grid before they get to the foil that you have over the drip pan.....JEEEZ!!

You Forgot

You also must line the drip bucket with foil to keep drippings from touching that bucket that as intended to catch drippings.

Do you people put floormats over the floormats in your cars?

Steve J.

I agree, the Holland is drip pan is designed to be easily cleaned. It is also designed to reach a specified temp in order to cook the juices without causing a flare up. If there was a real need for foil Holland would offer it in the "Grill Accessories" section and include it in their recipes.

Just because you have done something one way for years does not make it the "right" way. Just means you've been wrong for longer.

mad max

The foil pan with food placed in it is a cool idea, but I want the juices to drop onto the drip pan and sizzle up to flavor the food. That's just me though.

neat freak

I don't put floormats over my floormats.I wear special shoes that I put on before riding in the car. Yay

That's funny

Good idea, freak!


Why line if you are supose to "SEASON" your grill guess that does defeat the purpose... I like the drippings hitting the drippan and steaming back on the meat... Guess if you are lining you are not SEASONONG...

c'mon now

seasoning your grill also means burning off any residual machining residue and "new metal flavors" from when it was built. Aluminum foil will still steam and sizzle drippings like the surface of the grill itself. Just my opinion.


I don't use foil but one way of cleaning made easy is remove the cooking grid, spray the inside with oven cleaner, and place a large bucket under the drain valve. If you can find a hose that fits the drain valve to run direct into the bucket it makes less of a mess. Use a stainless steel scrubby sponge and scrub out the inside. Rinse with hot water. It takes about 10 minutes.

@ Darrel

Be very careful with oven cleaner!

you can do more damage than good if you are not careful, especially if your grill is not one of the stainless models with stainless drip pans.

Not recommended.


is the Heritage Plus stainless on the inside?

@ tim

The inside of all Holland grill models is aluminum (except the cooking grid which is Stainless Steel). Some oven cleaners are not intended for aluminum. The foil idea isn't a bad one since the inside of the grill is aluminum and so is the foil. It will sizzle and cook the drippings the same way the direct surface does.

No Worries

My grill is probably at least fifteen years old. Take the stainless steel grill surface out and a magnet will stick to any piece of surface on it, so I'm pretty sure the inside of it is not aluminum. My dip pan has some rust on it from years of using water in it. It's made from steel. I use foil in the dip pan when I remember to replace after having water in it. Makes not a bit of difference. The grill performs the same either way.


I still firmly believe that the easiest way to clean a real dirty drip pan is to slow cook something with water in the tray. When your done, everything flushes right out the drain tube and the stuff that doesn't wipes right out. No scraping, plus you've just made another perfect dinner slow cooked!


Hey fellas,
Lots of misinformation on here. Especially about the materials that the different grill models are made of. Take it all with a grain of salt, then call Holland with your model number for the right scoop.
BTW.. If you spray your drip pan with Pam high temp cooking spray each time after you clean it, the next clean-up will take less time than lining the drip pan with foil. Personally, I steer clear of oven cleaner because I don't want to damage my grill.