Topic Title: Holiday Turkey
Created on October 15, 2009 at 02:02 PM


Can anyone tell me if you should use the smoking pellets when cooking a holiday turkey

@ Jim

Only if you like smokey turkey.

Seriously, I automatically add smoke pellets to my grill before lighting on almost everything except fish. It works fine on chicken & turkey & adds a subtle but distinctive flavor. Not overpowering at all. Try it on a whole chicken before Thanksgiving so you can get an idea of the effect.

@ Jim

smoke away....smoked turkey is awesome and the Holland won't over smoke anything


Last year I put my turkey on about 2 a.m. and went back to bed. It was ready about 9. How many grills can you do this with and not worry about flare-up or burning ? Only 1, the Holland.


Turkey for breakfast? I'll be over at 10:00


7 hours for a turkey? Wow, was it burnt? That's way to long to cook a turkey.


not if it's a 30 pounder


Holland's cookbook calls for about 15 minutes a pound for an unstuffed turkey. That's WITHOUT water in the drip pan, using it as a steamer. that's just regular grilling. A 15 pounder usually takes me about 3 1/2 hours. If you fill it up with water and slow cook it (absolutely no need to do this) then it will take alot longer. Good luck

THey've got a video on their website. Cut and paste this link.

Or go to their home page and click the turkey picture.