Topic Title: $79 Marine-grade cover??
Created on November 6, 2009 at 08:34 AM

Smart buyer

Is the marine-grade grill cover worth the price? I would probably settle on the less expensive "deluxe" version but it has the "fuzzy lining" that the marine-grade cover says to stay away from. Maybe I'll just go to Home Depot and buy a premium Weber cover for $49. These grills are expensive enough....can't we get a reasonable price on a great cover?

Smart Buyer Too

You can always buy cheaper stuff. I got one of this covers and I like it because it's very heavy and you can secure it snugly to keep it from blowing off.

Cheap Insurance

I never thought of buying a Weber cover for my Holland. Great Idea!! Should serve as an excellent theft deterrent!

Jeff G

A good cover is worth the money. We have heavy winds in Florida caused by thunderstorms. A cheap cover was torn in a matter of months. My good cover I have had for about four years now and its still like new. I haven't seen the new Holland one, but it sounds like a good one.

Stafford P

If you live in an area of the country that does NOT have high winds or very cold winters (snow & ice), the standard Deluxe cover should be fine. Mine is 8 years old & still fine(in VA).
If you live in a mid-west or northern state where you do have high winds & really cold weather, the vinyl in the standard Deluxe cover can crack & split from the cold & wind. You can spray it with Armorall to soften it & keep snow or ice from sticking, but the Marine grade cover is a better way to go in these states. Hope this helps.


Hey about putting the marine-grade cover on sale for us bloggers? Christmas is coming and we've been GOOD!!!


lawn and leaf bag....disposable grill cover.....nuff said


You could also drive your Corvette with "spare" tires - but would you really want to?? I purchased the marine grade cover and am pleased with the quality. We love our Holland and want to protect her from the elements.

Outdoor fabrics Pro

What is the marine grade cover made of? If it really is top quality it should be 9.5 oz acrylic canvas reinforce with vinyl at the corners and points that the cover may rub. While acrylic is an excellent and long lasting, color retaining fabric, it has very limited resistance to constant rubbing. Never a problem if properly reinforced. A custom canvas cover, while expensive (at least triple that $79.00) can last for up to 20 years if made from one of the darker colors and sewn using Gortex M-1000 thread. The longer lasting colors would be black, forest green, pacific blue, etc. Black actually inhibits the usual degradation of canvas through solar radiation. I have seen many black covers that are in the tropical sun daily for 20 years. Other than the thread (which is commonly 12 grade polyester) the covers are in excellent condition and the fabric still retains enough strength to withstand hurricane strength winds. Restitching usually will degrade the fabric at the seam over the years. In the tropics, polyester thread seldom goes past 4 years. In the USA northern climates, it can last as much as 6 years and even more depending on many factors. Gortex, on the other hand is Teflon based and unaffected by the ravages of sunlight. The original thread will lose little in strength from ultraviolet radiation. It can wear from rubbing, but otherwise will be strong and capable of holding off Florida hurricanes twenty years after the original sewing. Restitching is not required. Regrettably, like any superior product, it comes with a price tag well beyond that of polyester. Your local canvas fabricator can quote you prices for any of the above items.

Now you know almost all you need to know about what is "marine grade" and anything not constructed of the fabrics above would not be expected to last as long. Some so-called marine fabrics degrade, shrink, or fade to white in as little as five years.

If you wonder of my qualifications, 30 plus years custom canvas fabrication, former IFAI columnist and marine products expert. Over 200 articles on outdoor fabrics, including many technical series. World sailor with 20 years now aboard my 57 foot custom bluewater ketch and looking for 20 more.


wow...thanks for taking us to school. May I be excused now?

Sean's a grill cover!! Find something to worry about!

SC Holland grill user

I'm disappointed in my $79 cover. My first Holland cover lasted for years. I purchased this $79 cover less than 2 years ago. It's brittle, cracked and stiff as a board when I put it back on the grill. Color did not fade though. I came to the Holland page today to send them a message about it, then saw this blog.

Holland Grill @ SC Holland Grill user

We just began stocking and selling this Marine Grade cover two months ago so your cover must be another model. We're sorry you had some cracking in your cover but you can rest assured this Marine Grade cover is much heavier and much more resistant to harsh weather. If you can, take a digital photograph and email it to along with your date of purchase, your name, address, etc and a brief explanation of your problem. --Holland Grill


Excellent cover. Just purchased Dec 11, 2009 Great !! Super value....and it 's heavy ~~~!!!

from Arkansas

SC Holland Grill User

Thanks for the reply to my post. When the rain stops, and it's daylight, I'll take a pic of the cracked cover. I'll get the exact date of purchase also.