Topic Title: Turkey
Created on November 1, 2009 at 10:44 AM


Can I cook my turkey in a shallow pan on my Holland to collect drippings, or will it affect cooking? Thanks Toml

Jeff G

I have never personally done it, but you should be able to. You are not going to have any drippings sizzle off the pan, so it will be just like cooking in the oven.


I have cooked two turkeys in my portable Holland grill so far. Both times I simply placed it directly on the rack and it cooked perfectly and was the juiciest bird ever (everyone there each time stated it was the best they EVER had)..

One time we simply tossed the drippings from the drip tray and another time actually used them straight form the collection drip tray. We keep our drip collection tray clean so the drippings were perfect for gravy..

best of luck