Topic Title: Base broken
Created on November 5, 2009 at 04:04 PM


I received a Holland Grill five years ago. I have used it very little because the quick starter won't work and then the base broke and the wheel came through the crack because I had the brake on. Now it sits on tilt and is difficult to move and the starter won't work. I am a single female and I have tried to find out how to replace the black bottom portion of the grill but I am not handy so it just sits on my deck and is getting ruined. When I was able to use it, I loved it. I am sure with a little stainless cleaner it would be good as new as I only used it about 8 times. The inside has been cleaned. It breaks my heart to just see it sitting there. I am 120 miles from Houston in Lufkin, TX. Is there someone nearby that could fix it for me without a major expense? Or would someone like to buy it and fix it up?


You can get replacement parts for most models. Just email the company or call them. I would buy it from you but I'm in New York.


I had the same problem, wheel came off and housing cracked. I put a piece of 2x4 inside the base and drilled hole in it and put the wheel in it. I screwed the 2/4 to the metal base. Required a little work but it fixed my grill and I have had no more problems.

@ Lisa

Would you sell your car because it has a flat tire?

For goodness sake, call Holland, order the parts you need & get someone to put them on for you.