Topic Title: Won't get hot
Created on November 6, 2009 at 09:53 AM


I have had my holland for a few years now, and it seems that it is cooking slower and slower, I have the heritage . I let it burn this weekend to test the tempature, after 40 mins it only got to 225, any ideas ,I miss my grill.



I had the same problem, if you clean out the propane oriface and the burner that should fix your problem. All of the instructions are on this website under troubleshooting.


I second that. My Apex was not getting above 350, the chips weren't smoking, etc. I gave the burner tube a vacuuming and cleaned the orfice - volia - 475! (OK - I tapped out the orfice a bit, but not up to a #56 - it's somewhere between #57 and #56).
Anyway, it's working perfectly now even in a stiff wind! Check out the videos on the site - they'll guide you.

Cocked, locked, and ready to rock for a Northern IL Thanksgiving!


Hey Bud, same thing happened to my 10 year old grill. Like anything old, it just needs a little TLC and a good cleaning. It worked for me.

Dave G.

Cleaning. Yes. I live in MN and store the grill in the garage during the Winter. One Spring, after getting the grill back on the deck, I had the same problem. Checked the oriface, and found a gnat! Removed gnat - no problem.