Topic Title: Rust
Created on November 16, 2009 at 06:17 AM

Everett & Debbie

We own 3 Holland grils 2 Heritage &1 1996 all stainless. The finest grills in the world... one of the hearitage grills has rusted out the lower right side of the base & around the inside ledge that supports the griddle & the drip pan handle. I am hoping Holland will give me some warranty help since we are the proud owners of three grills. We are very satisfied with the grilling from Holland


good luck i own four and no help on warranty. companion,legacy, and 2 heritages.

@ Scott


Please explain your comments. What were the problems & what do you mean by no help on warranty? Are all your grills still under warranty?


I have the same question if your product is out of warranty why would they warranty it... Holland is a GREAT product but acn not cover the product for life and with proper care your grill will give many years of service mine is 21+ years old and have only replaced the gas line due to dryrot and that was march april time frame and I cook on mine at least 3 times a week year round


So scott what your saying because you own 4 fords that are 15 years old ford should cover tha warranty because you own 4 PLEASE explain this I want to know the reasonong behind your remarks

Everett & Debbie

When we purshased our 1st grill I thaught it had a life time warranity. I guess not. I had hoped Holland would be willing to meet us half way with costs??? I do still feal The HollAND GRILL IS THE BEST.

@ Everett & Debbie

If you had picked up the phone & called Holland when you first posted your blog, you probably could have ordered a complete EZ bottom kit with a new bottom shell & all the parts inside for a very low price (Holland's cost).
I have heard the EZ bottom kits may have been discontinued this month.
The morale of this story is, Call Holland first. Don't try to solve these kind of problems on a blog.

@@Everett & Debbie

Proper cleaning and maint. would have prevented all thiese problems to begin with... Cleaning can prevent all these issuses...

Just my opinion


My brother has had his Holland grill for 14 years and yes it has a life time warranty.

@ dave

no holland has a life time warranty only the burner and cooking grid come life of the grill warranty