Topic Title: Yet another cooking turkey question
Created on November 17, 2009 at 07:17 PM

John Winn

Hello all,
Pretty new Holland owner here so haven't had a holiday cooking yet. I bought a 14 pound turkey and a ham (it sure is hard to find a non spiral cut ham here!) I was going to cook them both on the holland but think they might not fit unless I set the turkey front to back which might overcook the front and back? I have noticed things that overhang a bit get overcooked a bit. So might put the ham in the Bradley smoker. I have seen several ways to cook the turkey but was wondering how it would cook putting water or beer in the drip pan? When I told my mom how hot the holland gets she said she is afraid it will cook to fast. I know adding liquid to the pan slows the heat down so wanted to see if anyone has done a bird this way or if it's not really needed. I am really looking forward to it. I use the darn Holland almost every night.
Thanks all,
John Winn in Bastrop Texas

Jeff G

Don't worry about the turkey, it will cook just fine. With a 14 pounder, if you truss it, you may be able to cook it without overhang. Trussing may also allow you to put the turkey sideways which should still allow for the ham.
You should be able to cook the turkey with water in the pan, but you shouldn't have to. I did a 17 pounder last year in about 2 1/2 hours without water in the pan. I actually got done early and rested it in HD Foil and wrapped in towels for an hour, was the most juicy tender bird I ever made.

John Winn

Hey Jeff,
Turned out perfect! Took two apples, poked holes in them and shoved them inside the turkey and trussed it up tight and followed the directions and it was the most moist and beautiful turkey I have ever made. I should have taken a photo! :-( We ended up with a smaller crowd so I didn't do the ham yet. Thanks for the advice!!