Topic Title: Bone in Ribeye roast
Created on November 21, 2009 at 09:24 PM


We are cooking a 6 pound bone in ribeye roast for Thanksgiving. I think I'v done everyting on the Holland except this. The butcher reccommended 12min/lb but I think this would be too slow for the Holland and as we all know, timing is everything for Thanksgiving. Does anyone have any sure fire success and tips for bone in ribeye roast. Outside temp will probably be around 40 degrees here in MN on T-Day so need to factor in the elelmements. Thanks! TerryO


Ok then, guess I'm on my own. I'll let you all know how it goes. Wish me luck! Happy Thanksgiving!


Cook to 125 degrees internal and let it'll love it!


Buy a temp. probe for best results in any weather and follow Hollands suggested internal temps. It's worth the investment and you'll have consistantly grilled items no matter the size or outside weather temps.


Here's a cooking time chart for prime rib I found. Should work perfectly for the Holland Grill. Good luck!

Desired Doneness Cooking Time (at 350°F)
Internal Temperature
Rare 15-16 minutes per pound 125° F
Medium Rare 16-17 minutes per pound 130-135° F
Medium 18 minutes per pound 140° F
Medium Well 19 minutes per pound 150° F
Well Done 20 minutes per pound 160° F

Everyone I've talked to says to cook it to about 125-130 degrees. Temperature will rise a little when it rests. Be sure to let the meat reach room temperature before you cook it. Here's a link to another good website that talks about cooking prime rib.


How did your roast turn out, I'm cooking one this weekend.


My roast turned out text book perfect! I did some preliminary temperature readings and determined that at 35F outside, my Holland that typically heats up to 425 in the summer heats to a consistent 350. Used my digital remote meat thermometer as usual and a 6 pounder was done in 1.75 hours. So what should have been done in 72 minutes at the recommended 12 minutes per pound took a little longer with turning once and basting twice, therefore letting some heat out in cold temps. I took it off as suggested at 135 and let it rest before serving. No complaints from my family, and belive me, they would if they could!!!


That sounds delicious. Actually, looking at the timer chart posted on this page, your cooking time was about perfect. It said 16-17 minutes/pound to cook the meat to 135F. Your 6-pounder was done in almost the exact time that chart called for. Congratulations! Job well done....or at least medium rare ; )