Topic Title: Turkey Cooking Times
Created on November 23, 2009 at 10:19 PM


Please help me.

I am going to cook a turkey on my grill and I am finding conflicting information.

In the Holland Family Cookbook I received with my grill it says to cook a turkey for 20 minutes a pound. Which means a 22 pound turkey should cook for 440 minutes or 7 hours 20 minutes.

I have found recipes with far less time recommended. One says normal cooking time for a 19 plus pound turkey is 3-1/2 to 3-3/4 hours plus 20 minutes if stuffed.

Which is closer to the correct time?????????????

Thank you in advance for your help.

Jeff G

On average my Turkeys have taken 12 minute per pound, that is unstuffed. It will vary by the bird, moisture content has a lot to do with it. The more moisture the bird contains, the faster it will cook. I would estimate adding about 20% to your cooking time if stuffed. I always do my stuffing in a different dish.
If I get the turkey done a little early I can wrap it in foil and towels to keep it warm, I would fear doing that with a stuffed turkey might make the stuffing soggy.

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If you're set on grilling the big bird, you may want to "shield" the wings after the bird has cooked two hours or so. Because its so big, the wings are going to be close to the edges which are hotter than the middle. I opted over the years to cook two birds, about 14 lbs each, sitting side by side on the grill. 14 lb turkeys take me 3 hours to cook the breast meat to 180 degrees almost every time. I go by the 15 minutes a lb rule as an average, but you should also see how hot your grill is cooking first. Some of the newer grills cook a little hotter than some of the older ones. Mine seems to grill at about 375 with a turkey on it and 15 minutes a lb works well for me. If your'e not sure, follow JeffGs advice and give yourself plenty of time. Cook it early, wrap it in wax paper first, then foil, cover with a towell and put in a cooler. It'll stay hot for quite some time and you won't be waiting on the turkey to finish. I'm just passing along information I've learned since cooking my first turkey on my Holland grill. Good luck and Happy 'thanksgiving to all you bloggers.


PS--definitely do yourself a favor and use a digital temperature probe. If you don't have one, run out today and get one. It's a life-saver.


I cooked my firs turkey last year on my new holland. It was a 13lb bird and took about 3 hours. Best looking and tasting bird I have ever seen ! Everyone loved it and it tasted great ! I Also cooked 2 - 6lb turkey breast at the same time and it took them about 2 hours. As others have stated...make sure you use a digital themomoter and set it for 180 degrees. You can't go wrong by using it.

Happy Thanksgiving !


What about Breast down? I was told by another Holland grill owner to cook my turkey breast down?


but how do you catch the juices to make gravy???


Trust me, cook it breast up. You don't need gravy with a Holland-grilled turkey. Gravy is for dry turkeys. Happy T-day to all.


but we want gray for the mashed potatoes and stuffing


if you want to get the juices, lay a pan under the turkey that will collect some of the drippings


Should you put any water in the grill pan or not ?


You can put water in the drip pan if you want but it won't get as brown and it will take alot longer.


How much drippings do you need to make the gravy?


I just printed out Holland's cooking time chart thats on this website. It says "15 minutes a pound for a whole turkey, 20 minutes a pound if it is stuffed" that's what Im going to use. I usually just buy some package or bottled gravy, spice it up a little and it works wonderfully. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Thank you all for your input. My 22 pound turkey was the best we have ever had. Thank you again.



The best advice is to buy a therometer and use that. Perfect Turkey every time! 180 degrees, stick the probe in the middle of the breast. I also spray the cavity and the whole turkey w/ Bry. This year I put the turkey in a pan w/ carrots, celery and potatos, and put the turkey on top of them. The pan catches the drippings and is fantastic.

Good luck!