Topic Title: Smoke Pellets
Created on January 1, 2010 at 12:36 AM

John F

I just recently bought some Holland Grill smoke pellets to try with my gas grill. It's a quality 3 burner but not Holland. My smoke box is on the side, hangs on metal pegs. The instructions say wait until smoke appears and then add meat. Last night I never got any smoke out of the pellets. Maybe they didn't get hot enough but they were in the smoke box. Wood chips have worked before. Some pellets spilled down on the flavor bar, right above one burner, and they did not smoke. Any suggestions why? My local hardware sells these by the 20 lb sack but don't want to buy that big until they work for me. Help? Thanks very much.

@ John


The Holland smoke pellets work! Use them all the time. If yours didn't work, it's the grill, not the pellets.

They need to get to at least 400 degrees for a few minutes before they start smoldering.

All this is assuming you did not soak them in water.

John F

No, did not soak them in water. Grill got to around 375 which was the temp I wanted to cook on. I may try a smoke box that does not attach to the grill but rather is placed directly on the burner shields or coals.

Perhaps I'll let grill temp get real high, get the smoke going like you say and then drop temp and cook.