Topic Title: Venison Loin
Created on January 17, 2010 at 07:51 PM


Does anyone have a good recipe for a deer loin?


Sure wish somebody would reply to this,as I would like this also

Jeff G, it returns tons of venison recipes. Any recipe made on the Holland if you have a meat thermometer.


Thanks Jeff G. I am familiar with the internet. Joel. I ended up doing a variation of several recipes. I cut rhe loin up in about 1 inch slices and marinated it in moores all day. Then I wraped them in bacon and cooked for about 8 mins on each side. Best I have ever had. thank you Holland.


You are my kinda cook !

Sounds pretty good.


Cut enough garlic cloves into cubes and use knife to put slits into meat and poke in a cube every couple of inches or so.

Or sprinkle loin with garlic powder.
Salt and pepper loin.
Lay bacon long ways and side ways on loin and use tooth picks to hold in place if necessary.

In an oven you would cook at 350 20 minutes per pound. Depending upon the temp for your grill about 12 - 15 mins a pound.