Topic Title: pork shoulder
Created on February 6, 2010 at 07:58 PM


I have a 13lb pork shoulder does anyone know about how long it will take to cook.


Cook that sucker for about 2 hrs on the grill.

Wrap it in Heavy Duty foil and cook it another hour or so..

It will just pull away from the bone....

Kevin H

your time will vary depending on the temp your grill gets. avg time is 5 hours for that on the holland, cook it fat side up with your favorite rub you can squirt it with apple juice makes a awesome crust it will look burnt but taste great!! when it is done the bone will be able to pull out with your hands. We cook our butts 8 t0 10 hours but I have a commercial holland grill and cook 20 at a time


Do you add liquid and close the valve or grill with the valve open/dry that long? Making a rubbed pork shoulder tomorrow first time. Thanks


I do mine dry 2hours unwraped 2hours wrapped in aluminum foil then wrap it in a towel and place in cooler (no ice) 2hours fall off the bone AWSOME

happy grillin