Topic Title: back flame
Created on March 8, 2008 at 06:24 PM


We really enjoy our grill but are currently experiencing a problem. When the grill is lite sometimes a "gust" of flames comes out the bottom of the grill around the gass value and burner area. I do not know what is causing this? Cany anyone help?


You should be calling the Holland company to ask these questions. This is not normal & could be dangerous.


sounds like a gas leak to me! turn the tank on, make sure the gas control on the grill is off, and check your connections with soapy water

Jeff R

You might be waiting too long before you turn the igniter. If you don't turn it right away when you turn the gas valve on, you get a build up of gas which will flair out from underneath. I had this happen when my igniter was malfunctioning and I was hand lighting it. Try turning the igniter as you turn on the gas.

the demonstrator


Your air shutter needs adjusted. What is happening is that the flame is searching for more air, so just loosen the nut on the air shutter and rotate about 1/2 to 1" and notice the difference in your flame. Your flame should not be completely blue and have a roaring sound associated with it. It should be blue with a yellow tip. Some of the grills were not pre-set properly at the factory. Thanks...