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Created on February 13, 2010 at 12:35 AM


hi everyone, my wife and i went to the cleveland home and garden show at the i-x center in cleve. ohio today. we were looking for ideas to use this summer around our new deck, we have two hollands sitting on it. it was a nice show with lots landscape displays some were in the 100,000.00 range... i asked. all of the displays and some vendors had nice stainless steel grills incorperated in them, and out of all the displays not one holland.i asked a couple of cotractors and was told they never heard of holland. next year holland might want to see bout a space. they could educate people in northeast ohio bout the grill. there were several vendors cooking and selling there wares.. thanks howard


thats ware I bought our grill over 20 years ago. from BUD himself


I agaree, we live right here in Berea and no one knows about the holland. We found ours at the Ohio State Fair about twelve years ago, cleveland area has to be educated about this great grill, Only plave close by that sell it is in North Royaton. PLEASE come to this area.


Heck I live in Beaufort SC don't think there is a holland grill within a hundred miles of me.. When I talk about mine people laugh till they taste the food and I think Holland is made in GA now and based out of NC and I am in the middle TOO FUNNY



I have to agree with you. However there are a few dealers close by here in Va Beach. When friends come over they are all drawn to the Holland. I have to admit I'm not usually using it been cooking on the eggs alot lately. However I think its the allure of the "stacks" that draws the folks to it. Its actually resulted in two of my Navy buddys buying Hollands.


Foster G

Hey folks,
This web-site >Find a dealer >zip 23450 >6 dealers within 50 miles


Foster G,

Don't think anyone is hurting to find a dealer in the Tidewater Va area. Think its the folks in Ohio (Clevland) and Kevins post concerning Beaufort SOCAR about lack of dealers.

Couple of our local dealers here also sell the Holland, Trager and Weber products side by side. Radio around here has been really advertising Tragers around Fathers Day. Never heard a Holland being advertised.

One of the largest grill dealers here in Va Beach has a "Grill Out" normally around Memorial Day weekend and has company reps from Weber, BGE, Fire Magic, Wilmington, Broilmaster,and Tec cooking away on their grills. This dealer also sells Hollands but no rep to cook on them or chat the product up.