Topic Title: Cooking Surface
Created on February 25, 2010 at 03:15 PM


I have had a Tradition grill for about 5 years and find, for me, one of its best features is the cooking grid design. It allows me to cook many items, such as seafood, veggies, etc, that are small without the fear of them falling through to the pan below. Now Holland has introduced the Patriot Charcoal grill but has not used this cooking grid design but has used the style available on about 98% of other grills. Does this bother you as much as me?


I love my holland Charcoal grill and the cooking grid is very heavy and well constructed. I really don't know what you're talking about the cooking surface design. I've got the Holland Gas too. The charcoal is different as it needs to be adjusted up and down. The "trap door" is awesome to add more charcoal while youre cooking. Do you actually own a holland charcoal grill?

@ Chaz

Not to be critical of your comments, but I'm sure Holland has thought this out. A charcoal grill has to have a folding cooking grid so charcoal can be added if necessary during cooking. This is easier to do with a bar type cooking grid. Also a charcoal grill is a "Radiant heat" grill where the gas Hollands are "convection" type grills, so the cooking surface needs to be more "open" on the charcoal grill.
There are numerous after-market perforated grid accessories available to do what you are referring to.
Try this: Hope this helps.